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612 Charles Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205, United States

Laser Cutting - FAST & Precise

HanKwang 4KW CO2 laser - 60x120 table, etching capability in stainless and mild steel

Cut stainless up to 1/2'' thick , mild steel up to 1'' thick, aluminum up to 1/4'' thick.

HK 6KW Fiber laser - 60x120 table, tube laser, cuts up to 1/2'' aluminum, 3/4'' mild steel, 1/2'' stainless

WATER JET CUTTING - variety & power

KMT/ABBIR - 6x12 table

Cuts steel, stainless, aluminum, plastics, glass, rubber, other natural and non-toxic material up to 4'' thick

Bending / FORMING‚Äč - advanced techniques 

Cincinnati, Accurpress, Premier pressbrakes, various rollers, PEMserter


Cincinnati 12'


Whitney, Amada turret, Ironworker


Tig, mig for mild steel, stainless and aluminum


Drilling, tapping, sawing, countersinks.

We partner with several machine shops nearby for CNC work to provide turn-key parts to our customers


Grinding, TimeSaver, deburring, polishing, tumbling, cleaning, spray painting.  We can also handle powdercoating, blasting, painting, heat-treating, and anodizing for turn-key work.


We program with nesting software and CAM software directly from your cad files including Solid Works, or we can develop our own drawings based on your specifications.  We can use .dwg, .dxf , .slddrw and .sldprt, .stp / .step , .vc6 , and even pdfs for quoting.  Email your files today for a quote!

SigmaNest produces cost-reducing nests to make our pricing competitive with other suppliers.  ECI JobBoss2 keeps all our data and projects within a few keystrokes.